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Jim Jennings

President, Jennings Financial

Jim Jennings was born in Huntsville, Alabama but relocated to Knoxville, Tennessee at the age of two. So, for Jim, Knoxville has always been home. He graduated from Tennessee Institute of Electronics in 1984 and went to work for Texas Instruments as an electronics technician. After about 5 years he decided to pursue a career in a field he had a real passion for health and fitness. He managed clubs such as Gold’s Gym, Worlds Gym, and Powerhouse Gym locations all over the east coast.

Although helping people reach their fitness goals was very rewarding, he decided he had outgrown the fitness world and decided to pursue something else. He answered an ad that read for “Sports Minded People” only to discover it was for an insurance agent. While trying to figure out how to get out of the interview, he was presented with something very familiar: a needs analysis. That was when the light came on! Jim realized that although the needs he was discussing were different, they also followed a similar thought pattern. Instead of Jim helping people with their physical fitness he now helps them with financial fitness. His work now spanned generations to affect whole families.

Jim has been in the financial services for about 10 years now but has changed his focus specifically to retirement and estate planning after the loss of his mother. Mrs. Jennings thought she had her affairs all taken care of, only to discover just how poorly they were prepared to cope with estate matters. Jim realized what an enormous need there was for these services. Your goals are his goals, when it comes to protecting your assets, setting up a tax-free retirement, and planning a financially stress-free future for you and your family. He works with a proven team of professionals dedicated to finding a solution that fits your needs.

Jim enjoys spending time with his sisters and their families. Jim is also an avid golfer, and spends many weekends on the links perfecting his slice!

Plan For Your Future

There is no one “best place” to put your retirement money because each individual and couple has unique requirements, different tolerances for risk, and need their money at different times. Likewise, there is no one place to keep your money that fits everyone for exactly the same reasons. Your unique circumstances must be taken into consideration if you seek to find the “most favorable place” for your retirement money. This is where we can be of service.